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Lazy Susan Kitchen Turntable

Original price $34.99 - Original price $34.99
Original price $34.99
$34.99 - $34.99
Current price $34.99

Hanna Roberts Lazy Susan Kitchen Turntable for Pantry Cabinet or Table

This generously sized turntable is design for you to store your condiments, spices, sauces for easy access in your kitchen cabinets, out on kitchen counters, or even inside your pantry. You can also use the this as a display for your favorite dish or baked goods.

3 design variations:
(1) Super chic, simple, and minimalistic black and white design with brown stripe (2) Beautiful Navy Quilt Textile design with “Happiness is Homemade” printed in the middle
(3) Rustic garden design with “gather” printed in the middle

MDF Wood

Designed by Hanna Roberts and made with high quality material and care. We love our products, and we hope you do too!